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Memorial Sculptures
of Opal Ash Glass

by Seaview Art Glass
Creating a tribute to those with whom we have shared life's experiences  —  these exquisite glass creations are a unique way to honor their love and sustain their presence.

Sharing over 50 years of Glass Art experience, Fred S. Cresswell and Leslie Moody of Seaview Art Glass create distinctive art glass memorials incorporating cremated ash remains (cremains) with the art and alchemy of glass-making to create Memorial Glass™.

Fred and Leslie have developed a unique method of incorporating a loved one's ashes into Glass Art; the cremation ash itself becomes the elemental coloring medium in a specially formulated Opal Ash Glass™. Each Memorial Glass™ is as unique as the beloved being memorialized; their ash imparts its own color and influence into the glass itself. With their exclusive molten Opal Ash Glass™ formula, artistically created works of Glass Art, hand-blown and sculpted, are as individual as the life being remembered.

Memorial Glass
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